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posters, four shirts, documents of transfer / presentation views / 2019

two shirts, presented / blueprint in viscose and cotton / 2019

four shirts, worn / blueprint in viscose and cotton / 2019

document of transfer / 2019


Publishing indigoblue is the continuation of INDIGOBLAU/GESTE. The cut for a unisex shirts was developed respecting and following the qualities of the formerly blueprinted textiles. Later it was measure made for four selected wearers. Six posters show the conditions of the cloth’s production. They work as a triple portrait of the blueprinter, the textiles and the blue color itself. Earch was printed in copies of 30 and these where spreaded during the exhibition.


The work is a cooperation with Anne de Walmont (tailoring) and Benjamin Thomas (photography, concept posters). It was presented for the first time in 2019 at the town museum, Pulsnitz.