The feminist demand that “the private is political” never stopped being relevant. At the same time, private and public as categories are blurring: The imposed search for the “true self” permeates the private. At the same time, appearing in public is linked to the choice of one of the normative roles given. A political and emancipatory place seems to exist neither here nor there. Where do areas of negotiation open up that lie beyond familiar categories? How do we enter into confrontations with each other – especially when it comes to demanding something different than what exists? Desire has never let itself be pressed into the binary system of private and public. It is shaped by social, economic, and political circumstances, and yet it reveals itself to be mysterious, taboo, and mystical. It feeds on memory and imagination and has the power to yearn for another. It places me unprotected in what is – including the realization that this is not enough. Just to lean out beyond the limits of this – “into the nothing” (Luisa Muraro). It is radically subjective and stoll relational. It laughs at the supposed contradiction between politics and spirituality (Audre Lourde: Uses of the erotic). It is the feeling of lack and promising abundance. It is hard and it is longing.