< indigo

blueprint in rayon, hanging / ca. 1,40 x 38m / 2017


[waving, simple] Stretching the hand above the head. The palm faces the insinde, the forearm or the entire arm are moving from the vertical body axis (back and forth). Velocity can vary.
[waving, as a sign] As a reaction on a certain incident and to rise attention for something, one changes his*her posture. Taking the hands up and shouting if necessary.
[waving, “welcome”] Looking around, finding something which catches ones eye, focusing this something, understanding it’s position, waving.
[waving, “goodbye”] Seeing something/-one leaving, trace it while it is getting smaller, raising ones hand to stay visible as an alert person for the other.
[waving, call for advent] Stretching the hand up while straightening up the whole body. Taking the verve from from back to front. There is the possibility to make a fist. Iconographic model is the allegory of freedom.
[dancing] Raising the hand(s), turning around, maybe request others. Relations come and go.